The Impact of Vocabulary on Life Outcomes

The founder of the world's leading aptitudes research institute, the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation, said that command over vocabulary "accompanies outstanding success in [the United States] more often than any other single characteristic which… the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation has been able to isolate and measure." The foundation has done extensive research on this since the 1920s.

The most sited study by Johnson O'Connor conducted was extensively completed with the employees of 39 large manufacturing companies. Below are the results of a vocabulary test that have been averaged and grouped by the levels of their common corporate hierarchy. The relationship between employee's vocabulary and their position in the company demonstrates that better ability to think and commmunicate is closely tied to professional success.

The findings on this may be surprising, but only because we as a society might not be emphasizing the importance of expanding our vocabulary enough. The reasons why command of vocabulary accompanies success so closely should not come as a surprise. Words are the very building blocks of thought. Expanding your vocabulary enhances your thinking capacity, which surely benefits areas of life beyond work, too.

Expanding Your Vocabulary Helps You...

Think More Clearly

Broaden Your Thinking

Improve Your Communication

See Improved Results in All Areas of Your Life

Strategies for Expanding Your Vocabulary

  1. Read voraciously.
  2. Look up words habitually.
  3. Practice new words you learn.
  4. Routinely memorize new word definitions.

Created by Jordan Clive